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Upcoming Events

POPULAR MS Excel Courses:

MS Excel Introduction:

16th April

25th March

MS Excel Intermediate:

17th April

26th April

MS Excel Advanced:

18th April

29th April


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Microsoft Excel Introduction Course Schedule

 Unit Standard: 116937

Course Schedule


  1. Understanding MS Excel
  2. Explaining the MS Excel Screen
  3. Creating spreadsheets: entering and editing data
  4. Adding data to spreadsheets
  5. Adding data, dates numbers to a spreadsheet
  6. Navigating in MS Excel
  7. Creating and using multiple worksheets / workbooks
  8. Cut, Copy and Paste Options
  9. Saving Spreadsheets
  10. Entering basic formulas and using Autosum
  11. Manipulating cells
  12. Automatically filling cells
  13. Formatting a spreadsheet using the HOME ribbon
  14. Checking spelling
  15. Printing spreadsheets and printing options
  16. Using the Zoom feature


Microsoft Excel Intermediate Course Schedule

Unit Standard: 116940

Course Schedule


  1. Customizing Excel
  2. Working with the View Tab
  3. Freezing Panes
  4. Changing Excel Defaults
  5. Working with multiple Sheets
  6. Adjusting ranges between sheets
  7. The SUM function – using BODMAS
  8. Understanding formula errors
  9. Absolute referencing
  10. The ROUND function
  11. Statistical Functions (Count, Average, Max, Min)
  12. Working with Templates
  13. Advanced Formatting Options(number, date, currency, percentage)
  14. Advanced Border Application
  15. Evaluating Spreadsheet

Microsoft Excel Advanced Course Schedule

Unit Standard: 258882

Course Schedule

  1. Data Validation
  2. Sorting Data & Subtotals
  3. Date and Time Functions
  4. Mathematical Functions (Sumif)
  5. Statistical Functions (Countif, Counta)
  6. Financial Functions (FV, NPV, PMT, IPMT, Nper, PV)
  7. Text Functions (Upper, Lower, Proper, Concatenate)
  8. Lookup and Reference Functions (VLookup, HLookup)
  9. Logical Functions (If, And, Or, Not, Nested If)
  10. Named Ranges
  11. Goal Seek
  12. Scenarios
  13. Database Analysis Functions

Microsoft Excel Charting

Unit Standard: 116943

Course Schedule

  1. Introduction to graphs and charts
  2. Types of graphs
  3. Working with Charts
  4. Identifying the Parts of a Chart
  5. Creating a Chart
  6. Chart Tools
  7. To Change the Chart Style
  8. Moving a chart
  9. Resize a chart
  10. Deleting a graph
  11. Importing data from an external source  
  12. Insert and edit objects
  13. Inserting an object
  14. To copy and paste an object
  15. To Cut and Paste an object
  16. To resize an object

 Microsoft Excel Databases Course Schedule

Unit Standard: 258876

  1. Importing and Exporting Data
  2. Consolidating and Linking Data
  3. Working with Filtered Data (including subtotals)
  4. Advanced Filtering
  5. Using Forms to input data
  6. Creating and using Macros
  7. Conditional Formatting
  8. Editing Macros in VBA
  9. Creating Pivot Tables
  10. Working with Pivot Tables
  11. Using the Pivot Table Tabs
  12. Creating Pivot Charts
  13. Working with Pivot Charts
  14. Using charts for data analysis
  15. Creating and using PowerPivots to build reports