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Upcoming Events

POPULAR MS Excel Courses:

MS Excel Introduction:

16th April

25th March

MS Excel Intermediate:

17th April

26th April

MS Excel Advanced:

18th April

29th April


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Microsoft Word Introduction Course Schedule


Unit Standard: 117924

Course Schedule

  1. Creating a document
  2. Saving and closing a document
  3. Entering Text
  4. Navigating and selecting in a document
  5. Deleting text
  6. Using undo and redo
  7. Adding Headers and Footers
  8. Working with margins and page breaks
  9. Working with multiple documents
  10. Working with views
  11. Formatting text with borders and shading
  12. Working with dates
  13. Inserting special characters and symbols
  14. Working with special effects
  15. Changing character spacing
  16. Formatting paragraphs
  17. Setting tabs
  18. Working with bullets and numbering
  19. Spacing a document
  20. Formatting pages
  21. Working with templates and styles
  22. Adding and removing sections
  23. Footnotes and endnotes
  24. Working with templates


Microsoft Word Intermediate Course Schedule

Unit Standard: 119078

Course Schedule

  1. Creating tables
  2. Working with tables
  3. Formatting tables
  4. Creating formulas in tables
  5. Creating columns
  6. Working with columns
  7. Formatting columns
  8. Working with pictures in columns

Microsoft Word Advanced Course Schedule

Unit Standard: 116942

 Course Schedule


  1. Understanding Mail Merge
  2. How to use Mail Merge
  3. Creating Mail Merge databases
  4. Creating fields of information
  5. Matching fields of information
  6. Completing mail merge letters
  7. Completing mail merge emails
  8. Completing mail merge envelopes
  9. Completing mail merge labels
  10. Saving mail merges


Microsoft Word Report Writing Course Schedule

Unit Standard: 110023

Course Schedule

  1. Introduction
  2. Understanding different types of reports
  3. Understanding the importance and purpose of reports
  4. Building your Report
  5. Choosing formats for your reports
  6. Choosing a structure and sequence of various reports
  7. Editing and Formatting your report
  8. Compiling reports
  9. Using templates for reports
  10. Ensuring your reports are correct
  11. proof reading and layout
  12. Dealing with amendments
  13. Information for your Reports
  14. Collecting information / research for your reports
  15. Report Organisation
  16. Managing reports within your company
  17. Distribution of reports
  18. Time issues
  19. Effective writing habits